Why should I sweep my chimney in Spring/Summer?


There are a few reasons actually, but the one that we think may bother people most is that soot and creosote left in a chimney over the hot summer months can produce a strong burnt wood smell that isn’t particularly pleasant and can aggravate allergies and asthma in people sensitive to smoke. The acidic soot can also harm your liner if you have one.

Don’t wait for ‘silly season’.

Sweeps start to get very busy around late August and can be booked up a month in advance. It can be frustrating if you want to light your first fire in the Autumn, realise quite rightly that the chimney should be cleaned first, but no sweeps are available to look at it for another month or so. Under no circumstances should you risk it and light a fire anyway as this will expose harmful gases from the soot that has been sitting idle and there may be nest material or even birds left up there from the nesting period. If you book in a sweep in the quiet months of May, June & July you can be assured that the chimney will be safe to use as soon as you need it. Especially if you get a bird guard fitted to prevent any further bird/nesting issues.

Give your self time for any maintenance issues

When Trevor sweeps your chimney, part of the service is for him to check the general state of your stove, chimney, liner and cowl. If there are any maintenance issues such as the stove rope failing or the bird guard is clogged up with soot or worse still, the chimney is leaking smoke in places it shouldn’t, The summer months give you time to get the problem sorted if Trevor can’t fix it there and then.

Protect your investment

Your working chimney is an investment that provides warmth for your family. Like other things in your home, it needs regular maintenance to keep it free of deterioration caused by time and the elements of the weather. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than significant repairs or replacements.